Mohnish Mohan Mukkar – How Do Music and Laughter Help You Stay Healthy

According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar these days, people have huge loads to carry all day and all night. Be it work pressure at office or pressure of studies, everything makes life a race in which we don’t get the space to cherish the happy moments of life. Stress, depression, frustration leave us nowhere. Everybody needs to flush them out of life for better health and good lifestyle. Scientists have discovered that music therapy and laughter therapy can effectively work to offer relief from the three diseases mentioned above. In fact it can also heal several mental disorders and other diseases.

Music Blesses Your Heart

From the earlier days it is believed that music has got the strength to instill life even in a dead soul. Music speaks without words. Be it A.R Rahman’s soothing sound tracks or Beethoven’s mind blowing nodes, a scientific research proves that music has healing properties. Mohnish Mohan Mukkar wants to tell you that according to the 2013 research reports presented by Daniel Levitin, a renowned psychologist who is a master in neuroscience of music, it is seen that music comprises of higher level of immunoglobin A, an antibody responsible for enhancing immunity.

Dissolving the Stress

The therapeutic effect of music can release stress and calm your agitated mind. Hence, it is considered to have anti-anxiety properties. When life is disturbed due to different negative situations, just plug in your head phone into a device that plays music and listen to your favorite song, you would be taken away to a blissful state far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This therapeutic power is used by doctors in terms of music therapy to help different kinds of ailments starting from autism and problems of depression to Alzheimer’s disorder and even heart problems.

What Research Says about Music’s Stress Bursting Properties?

Three American scientists proved music’s special feature of releasing out stress from your brain. They performed their research by examining two groups of people. Among the groups, one had the choice of playing a soothing music as per their choice while the other group did not listen to any music.

With the help of this test, the scientists proved that the levels of stress hormone known as Cortisol dropped to 50 percent in the first group compared to the other group which did not listen to music.

Music: It’s in Your Head, Changing Your Brain

Music therapists often work non-verbally. Due to this reason, it is considered effective for individuals with verbal expression difficulties, such as children having autism.

According to the Mohnish Mohan Mukkar and American Music Therapy Association, music therapy can act as a positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors and a motivator to decrease negative ones. Through this therapy, the victims of autism can develop their language skills, and the identification and expression of emotions. There are few children of autism who have great musical abilities, and this therapy can help boost up their mental strengths.

For Alzheimer’s patients, who suffer from memory and thinking impairment, music therapy proves to be an amazing healing process since they might emotionally respond to the songs of their past.

Apart from this music is also considered a wonderful tool to improve one’s concentration during study and at work. Soft classical music is often recommended by doctors to help the patients of high blood pressure.

Laugh to Live Life

Beside music therapy, laughter therapy also has positive healing powers. Humor is a contagious injection that binds two people together. When laughter is shared it increases happiness and integrity thereby killing depression and releasing stress. Laughter triggers positive physical changes in the body.

A charming personality with a crazy heart is always appreciated. Through laughter therapy one can strengthen his immune system, increase the level of energy, reduce sorrow or pain, and ultimately reduce stress level. It can be considered the best priceless medicine to live life happily. Sharing laughter is the most effective tool to keep relationships fresh and exciting.

These days, people are inspired to join laughter classes where they can rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. It is very essential for the heart patients to stay happy; doctors always suggest them to avoid as much stress as possible. For them laughter therapy can work wonder.

Health Care Plans for a Better Life

Diseases and illness are a part of human life, we cannot avoid them but we can definitely try to reduce their risks by following a healthy lifestyle. A good lifestyle not just includes eating healthy with regular exercise but also covers such amazing therapies and regular checkups along with proper doctor’s assistance.

Although in the present scenario visiting for regular checkups and medical treatments have become a costly affair, but you can certainly cope up with high medical expenses with a comprehensive health insurance policy. You will just have to pay monthly premiums in order to run the policy and it will in turn help you to meet the medical expenses such as hospital costs, doctor’s visit, operation, and treatment costs.

No matter how expensive the treatment might be, you will not even feel any financial burden with such effective plans. For purchasing medical insurance policies, browse your net and look for the best plans at cost effective premiums. While purchasing such a policy, the primary thing that should be considered is coverage i.e. what are the benefits you can avail through a respective plan. Take the final decision only if the coverage suits your needs. Most importantly, always buy from a reputed provider to enjoy easy claim process.

By the Mohnish Mohan Mukkar Health insurance plans are been designed by experienced professionals in order to cater to the medical needs of people. If you can stay fit you can automatically stay happy and cheerful. Thus, no one should compromise when it comes to treat any health issue. If you ignore and leave any disease untreated for many days, it can even turn into a life threatening one. Hence, never delay your treatments and choose the best mediclaim plan from a reliable insurance company to safeguard your finances.

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Mohnish Mohan Mukkar - How Do Music and Laughter Help You Stay Healthy
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